Setting exceptions for our clients.

We wanted to walk you through our process from initial contact to final sign off so as to give you a clear picture of our methods, before starting a Project.

1. Getting Introduced.

This is the most important step of the process. We get each client fill up a short Introduction questionnaire; to give us a clear understanding of how your business operates, who your clientele and competition are, your requirements and budget. This helps us get a feel for your business and set realistic goals. We then set up a call or a meeting to get a deeper insight of your requirements and gather all the information we need.

2. Budgets and Time.

Once we’ve met, our team will undertake research and brainstorm sessions based on your requirements. We will chart out the scope of the project and the Budget and Time estimates. If you have a hard deadline in mind, let us know, and we can work within it in most cases. If there’s no way we can align the Budgets and Time estimates, then we communicate the same to you – instead of wasting any further time.

3. Agreements and Milestones.

If you are interested in working with us after our meetings and our budgets and timeframes are at par, then then we’ll send you a formal agreement. This includes information on; the Process we’ll follow, Timelines, the Costs involved and our Terms and Conditions. Our agreement cover every single detail we can think of. No one likes surprises, especially surprise costs. And unlike some design firms, we stick by our processes and deadlines; sometimes going over the hours allotted – unless something new or unforeseen comes up during the project that was not covered in the original scope of the agreement.

4. Project Kick-0ff

Congratulations! You have now chosen Multia Studio to help you with all your design needs. The kick-off is when we celebrate something new with our new found friends and partners. Since we want to get off on the right foot for the initial design concept, it is important that we specifically evaluate all your ideas, and outline the goals for this project based on all the information we have collected so far and present it to the client before proceeding.

We try our best to not leave any ambiguity within the understanding of the Project and listed to the client as closely as possible, so as to deliver to the client with exactly what he needs.

Once this is finalized, you know you are in agreement on what the piece will include and can proceed to the next step of the graphic design process.

5. The How.

In close coordination with our creative director, our lead designers will design the graphics, logo or website mock-ups with your preferences, goals and target audience in mind. We’ll incorporate elements such as the company logo and colours, to help strengthen the identity of your company.

We’ll then present you three separate concepts, allowing you to make multiple amendments and get exactly what you desire.Our designers will allow you to view your project throughout the design and development stages. The most important reason for this is that it gives you the opportunity to express your likes and dislikes in the design work. It is important that you work closely with our designers, exchanging ideas, to ensure you get designs that match your needs and taste.

In terms of websites, only once every tiny design detail is finalized, can we move ahead to the development aspect of it. Using the design blueprint we’ve created together, we start to build your website – using whatever appropriate languages, platforms or technology are the best choice for your organization. But as our clients, we’ll always keep you in the loop and advise you on to best approach your unique problems.

6. Ready? Set. Launch.

Once all the designs are approved and developed, we carry out an extensive round of testing and fill in any gaps. We will then launch your Brand or Website and hand over all the final files to you.

Just because the project is finished, it doesn’t mean we’ll forget about you! Should any design-related questions crop-up, we’re only a phone call away. We will also assist you with any branding related applications, printing, website support, hosting requirements or any related issue that might arise

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